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Brittany Winters

Brittany is the founder of Delnice Medical and founder of DelniceBrand. She started her career in corporate risk management working with Municipalities, Provincial Governments, First Nation Councils, Public and Private Sectors. Since then she has developed DelniceBrand, a company that provides quality products while giving back to communities in need with every purchase.

Brittany is known as an extremely hard worker and for her innovation in marketing. She is proud to represent Delnice Medical as an aboriginal founded company, with a focus on giving back to indigenous communities.


Trevor Rehberg-Besler, BComm, MBA

Trevor is a corporate development and strategy professional and has spent the last 10 years managing large private and public companies.

He is the founder of Cambrian Capital Partners and the COO of Delnice Medical. As a former management consultant, Trevor has worked on projects with many large public and private entities. Trevor is known for his aptitude in finance, strategy and business development.

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We are available 24-7 to ensure you are always prepared and comfortable for an emergency.

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We tailor our orders specific to our clients needs, from specific styles, comforts, and certifications.

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